August 28, 1960 postgame report: Raiders vs Patriots

The Raiders were game, despite the heat and the fatigue, but luck and mistakes favored the Patriots and gave the game to the home team. A break here or there could have changed the result, and the Colclough touchdown was simply a gift from the gods, but no team deserves to win when they fumble three times in key situations and the Raiders didn’t deserve to win on this Sunday.

Still, coach Erdelatz seemed fairly pleased, at least with his offense. The ground game was clicking pretty well, and Parilli cemented his spot behind Flores with another solid performance, leaving Paul Larson in the outside looking in. The Raider defense continued to lag behind, though. The Pats hit for a number of big plays and the Oakland squad couldn’t come up with the stops when they needed them.

Player notes:

Luther Carr – After a good performance for a team that desperately needed help in the backfield, Carr took a step back in this one, missing the second half with a rib injury.

Wayne Crow – Crow also sat out the second half with injured ribs.

Ron Drzewiecki – The Pats were tough on ribs. Like Carr and Crow, Drzewiecki spent the second half on the bench nursing his aching ribcage.

LC Joyner: A bright spot on the defense, Joyner had one interception and almost had a second, making a nice play on the ball in the fourth quarter that nevertheless ended up in Colclough’s mitts for a score.

Jack Larscheid – Sixteen carries for 124 yards looked great, but there’s no getting around those three fumbles, each of which set up an easy Boston score or ruined a promising drive. Larscheid continued to be the team’s leading rusher in the preseason, but the whispers about his size and durability weren’t going away.

Billy Lott – Carried nine times for 54 yards, including the 42-yarder for a score in the first quarter.

Babe Parilli – Completed 21 of 36 for 310 yards. He went the distance at quarterback, received praise for his on-field leadership, and was now firmly installed as the backup signal-caller, providing veteran savvy to complement Flores’ promising, but untried skills.

Charley Powell – A shoe-in to make the squad, Powell nevertheless put a scare in both himself and the team when he came up with a hurt knee, missing the second half.

Tony Teresa – Putting together perhaps his best performance of the preseason, Teresa excelled at the flanker spot, catching seven passes for 74 yards, and made several key plays that led to the team’s second quarter touchdown.