August 8, 1960

The players had a day off today, but that gave head coach Eddie Erdelatz more time to talk with the press. His first order of business was to complain about a ruling from the league office. Back in mid-July, the AFL made an arrangement whereby each team would have the exclusive negotiating rights to rookies cut from particular NFL teams. In the Raiders’ case, they had the rights to all cuts from the San Francisco 49ers and half the cuts from the Washington Redskins. However, Erdelatz had just learned that this excluded players who had been drafted by AFL teams. Those teams still had negotiating rights to their draftees, regardless of which NFL team had let them go.

The Raider coach was deeply unhappy about the news. “It is one of the biggest blows we’ve had,” he said, “And means that we’ll have to go along pretty much with what we have.” The team was now limited to pursuing a reported eight unnamed ex-49ers.

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