Mar 272017

Well, it appears that the deed is done. It could have been worse. I can root for the Las Vegas Raiders even if I never call them that. And I won’t. I was around the last time this happened and didn’t call them the Los Angeles Raiders either. They’ll still be the Oakland Raiders to me, forevermore. But, like I said, it could have been worse. I’m not sure I could have stayed with them if they had moved to San Antonio. That would have been a nightmare.

And while Vegas is at least marginally appropriate for a team with the reputation and history of the Raiders, it still ain’t right. As Marky Mark said, even though he doesn’t have the right to say it, Oakland is and always will be in the team’s DNA, no matter what happens. And I dread the day when we’ll hear the phrase, “the last of the Raiders from the Oakland days.” That will be hard to take. We’ll never see a phenomenon like the Black Hole in Vegas. The team’s home field advantage there will be next to non-existent. Fan bases from all over the country will plan their vacations around when their team is playing in Vegas and Davis, whore that he is (just like his daddy that way, I suppose), will gladly promote his team that way. And a domed stadium? I guess they don’t have much of choice out there in hell’s half acre, but ugh, there’s nothing I hate worse than football under a roof. I guess I’ll get used to it, but I’m never going to see it as anything other than a sad come-down from a better time. At least Adelson’s out of the picture.

A bitter pill to swallow. The team can call themselves whatever they like, but here at the Logbook, they’ll always be the Oakland Raiders. Always.

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