May 202013

An Associated Press story filed by Ralph Bernstein took note of the Joe Fulks phenomenon. Fulks’ current scoring average of better than 24 points a game was thought to be unprecedented in the professional game. His feat amazed observers even more considering he had never scored more than 26 at Murray State.

When asked how he was getting it done, he explained, “I just love to shoot.”

Noting that BAA games tended to be high scoring, he said, “Since I want most to win, I shoot. The trouble with a lot of good basketball players is that they don’t shoot enough.”

Bernstein was quick to point out that Fulks was considered a team player and wasn’t prone to selfish play or taking easy gimmies inside. His primary weapon was his mid-range jumper nicknamed the “corkscrew.”

When asked about scoring records, Fulks said, “I just take the points as they come and if they bring records, that’s swell.”

Praise came from all over. Penn coach Don Kellet said he was “the most adept shot I’ve ever seen.”

New York Knicks executive Ned Irish called him “the greatest prospect to hit the basketball scene since I’ve been acquainted with the game. I only wish he played for New York.”

Fulks’ coach, Eddie Gottlieb, thought he was “the greatest offensive player I have ever seen in basketball. He has an uncanny touch and controls a soft ball with his long fingers. I’m glad he’s on my side.”

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