February 13, 1960

Chet Soda announced that the team had moved into its new offices in the First Western Bank Building at 1330 Broadway in Oakland.

Meanwhile, Eddie Erdelatz, who had spent the previous days working on filling out an expected four-man assistant coaching staff, commented on the enormity of the task ahead. “Navy presented a tough problem in 1950, but at least there was a foundation from which to start,” he explained. “Here in Oakland we’re starting from scratch in a league which is starting from scratch. Let’s face it, the entire league is pioneering and we are the last to get going. All the other clubs have from between 35 and 70 ballplayers under contract. We are supposed to get a nucleus of a club from a pool of players set up by the league, but we have no idea as to who these players are or what they can do. Right now the league is composed of names. None of the teams know what their players are capable of. Even some of the big college names that have been drafted are unknown so far as pro ball is concerned.

“We won’t have any idea what our guys can do until we get into training in late summer and it may take half a season before we can really evaluate the club. There are some who feel the Navy job was a miracle. Well, if hard work by the coaches and players represents a miracle then I guess you can call it that. We are going to give this Oakland job everything we have, but we are starting at a disadvantage. With the fans’ support and patience I am confident we’ll give them a team to be proud of, but it may take some time. At Navy it took two years before the coaching system began to click. That is only natural and I expect it will be much the same here. Of course, the other teams in the league will have similar problems. The big difference is that we are about three months late in starting.”

Oakland Tribune

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