February 2, 1960

New names entered the rumor mill for the team’s general manager and head coaching spots, including Green Bay assistant Phil Bengtson, former Cal head coach Pappy Waldorf, and former College of the Pacific athletic director Paul Christopoulos, among others.

Meanwhile, team chairman Chet Soda talked about stadium plans and the fact that there weren’t any good ones at the moment.

“It’s too early to decide,” he said. “If either Oakland or Hayward had something available now, we would certainly give it consideration. As it is, we will have to wait the outcome of the bond issues.”

Oakland’s city council had approved a stadium bond issue for the June ballot, while Hayward’s plan was still in the formative stages. Soda said if neither bond passed it wouldn’t “necessarily mean we would leave the East Bay, which we naturally would favor for a stadium.”

When a reporter pointed out that both Soda and Ed McGah owned property in Hayward, Soda said, “It would not be fair to our partners to let this influence us,” and added, “We don’t consider (the search for a stadium) a major problem right now. We have to get our organizational work out of the way first.”

He did say the team was still hoping the University of California would considering letting the team use Memorial Stadium and he had the backing of the City of Oakland and Alameda County, both of whose governing bodies passed resolutions asking the school to give the team permission.

Clark Kerr, the university’s president, had already gone on record saying pro games on Sunday would “not be in keeping with the church-going university town character of Berkeley.”

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