February 4, 1960

The Oakland Tribune’s Scotty Stirling reported that the team had hired former University of San Francisco athletic director Jimmy Needles to oversee the screening process for the general manager and head coaching positions. A rumor from a persuasive source hinted that Eddie Erdelatz had been offered the head coaching job after a 7-1 approval vote by the owners, with only Charles Harney voting against. However, Robert Osborne denied that an offer had been made, that a vote had been taken, or even that Needles had been hired as a consultant. Nevertheless, Stirling said that Erdelatz had met with Soda and Needles and that he wanted a three-year contract for either $20,000 per year plus a percentage of the gate, or a straight $25,000 per year.

On the general manager front, observers thought the team had eliminated Pappy Waldorf from consideration because his demand of a $30,000 salary plus a percentage of the gate was too high. Phil Bengtson now commanded the front-runner spot with Paul Christopoulos and assistant Detroit Lions general manager Bud Erickson still in the mix.

Oakland Tribune
Hayward Daily Review

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