January 5, 1960

Jacksonville and Oakland emerged as additional possible sites for the last AFL franchise. Oakland was promoted as a possibility by Barron Hilton, owner of the Los Angeles Chargers, who wanted a West Coast rival. AFL founder Lamar Hunt was thought to prefer Miami. Numerous East Bay boosters stepped forward to add their support, including Oakland mayor Clifford Rishell and Berkeley city assemblyman Don Mulford. A playing site would be a problem as there were no existing facilities in the city of Oakland that were suitable. The San Francisco Giants’ new home, Candlestick Park, was mentioned as a temporary possibility pending the construction of a stadium in Oakland. Robert Moore, secretary of the San Francisco Parks and Recreation department, was interested in adding tenants, but pointed out that the Giants’ lease required the turf to be in excellent condition, something that would be a problem sharing the field with a football team. Mayor Rishell reluctantly offered his support to such a plan, but only if the team’s stay in San Francisco was temporary and short.

Oakland Tribune

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