December 16, 1960

Tearing down the goalposts is a time-honored tradition at great moments in football, but those moments don’t usually include the night before the game. Still, at some point after dark, one or more people snaked into Candlestick Park and tore down the goalposts less than 24 hours before the Raiders were to close out the season against the Broncos.

San Francisco Chronicle

2 thoughts on “December 16, 1960”

  1. Bill Johnson was Q to many.
    For me he was a funny, sweet and sincere man that brought a smile back to my heart.
    I miss him and our little adventures and time together. Thank you for giving him his well deserved kudos for bringing together Football Fans all over this world.

    1. In our interactions he was unfailingly positive and encouraging and I always marveled at his energy and vision. To me, he was an internet pioneer who saw very early on how the web could create amazing and supportive communities and I was shocked to see he was gone because he seemed to be one of those endlessly vital people who would just go on forever. Thanks for writing.

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