January 3, 1961

Freed from the constraints of the team presidency, Chet Soda waxed at some length on what he thought the team needed going forward. The Raiders need a “one hundred percent austerity program for the next two years,” he said. “They need a tight, money-conscious operation to survive. People keep comparing our club to rich, well-established National League clubs that have the reputation of going first class, but this isn’t an organization that has been operating in the black for years, so the situation is different. Some NFL clubs spend as much as $150,000 on scouting future prospects, but they are spending tax money so they aren’t hurting. With the Raiders, everything is an expenditure because new clubs just don’t make money right off the bat. If you cut a corner here, another there, it adds up, and when it starts adding up, it cuts down on red ink.”

Referring to the next general manager, he said, “What is needed is a real sharp businessman, first and foremost. If you can get such a man who also has had some experience in pro football, so much the better. However, there aren’t too many guys available with the right qualifications.”

While the team continued the search for a new GM, they learned that their first-round draft pick, tackle Joe Rutgens of Illinois, had signed with the Redskins.

Hayward Daily Review
San Francisco Chronicle

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