June 9, 1961

When the Raiders came into being they were granted the signing rights to the draft picks of the abandoned Minneapolis franchise. As compensation for two of those players who signed with other AFL teams, the league awarded the Raiders an extra pair of 12th round picks in the 1962 draft. The players in question were halfback CJ Alexander, who went to Boston, and defensive end Jim O’Brien, who was signed by the Bills.

More Fleming

Sid Hoos’s column contained some more choice quotes gleaned from George Fleming during his visit to town.

Recounting the process by which he came to sign with the Raiders, he said, “It was nip and tuck for quite a while, but the Raiders came up with the best offer, money-wise, and in every other way. The fact that Coach Erdelatz flew up to talk with me in Seattle and laid the facts on the line without any hard sell had something to do with it. Abner Haynes, against whom I played in high school, also recommended Oakland as a good team with one of the best lines in the league, but a need for backs.”

Hayward Daily Review
Oakland Tribune

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