February 23, 1960

Less than a month into the team’s existence it had its first change in ownership. Art Beckett was out and Roger Lapham, Jr., son of the former San Francisco mayor, was in. No reason for the switch was immediately given. In other news, the AFL announced it would hold a league meeting, March 3-4 in Oakland, to prepare the league schedule and discuss the allocation of players to the Oakland team.

Oakland Tribune

January 30, 1960

In another stunning reversal, the AFL awarded the eighth and final franchise to the city of Oakland. Much of the credit for the change went to Chargers owner Barron Hilton. Hilton, who had been out of town for previous votes, made a strong plea upon his return for choosing Oakland. And on the league’s fifth ballot, the California city was chosen unanimously. Commissioner Joe Foss gave three reasons for the decision: the creation of a west coast rival for Los Angeles, the Oakland community’s strong show of interest, and better geographic balance than would have been provided by a team in Atlanta. Foss also credited a strong presentation by Chet Soda, Wayne Valley, and in particular, Robert Osborne.

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