Feb 1, 1960

  • Among the initial names bruited about as early contenders for the Oakland’s team management positions were recently-retired baseballer Jackie Jensen for general manager and former Navy coach Eddie Erdelatz for the head coaching job

  • The owners elected Chet Soda to the chair of the board of directors
In Print

“Oakland Pro Team Sets First Meeting”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Group Moves to Fill Top Official Jobs”

Tags: Robert Osborne (quote), Eddie Erdelatz, Jackie Jensen, stadium, Horace Stoneham, George Christopher

“Erdelatz Tabbed for Oakland Job”, Ray Haywood, Oakland Tribune

Tags: column, Scotty Stirling, nickname, Eddie Erdelatz, James Sutherland, Harvey Knox, stadium, Horace Stoneham, George Christopher

“Hilton Threat Clinched AFL Spot for Oakland”, Prescott Sullivan, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: column, Barron Hilton (quote), Chet Soda (quote), Charles Harney (quote)

“Oakland Sets Search for GM”, Smiley Farkas, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: Chet Soda (quote), Robert Osborne, Ed McGah, Wayne Valley, Art Beckett, Harvey Binns, Don Blessing, Charles Harney, Chuck Coughlin, Brick Laws, nickname, Eddie Erdelatz, stadium, Horace Stoneham (quote), Dale Hackbart, Don Norton, Abner Haynes, Chris Burford

“Oakland Bought Team on Phone”, Art Rosenbaum, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: column, Wayne Valley (quote), Chet Soda, Robert Osborne, Charles Harney (quote), Lamar Hunt, Robert Lurie, Ernie Nevers, Ed McGah, Art Beckett, Harvey Binns, Don Blessing

“Brass Meets Today; Kapp ‘Interested’”, Darrell Wilson and Al Moss, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Chet Soda (quote), Chuck Coughlin, Brick Laws, Eddie Erdelatz, Robert Osborne, Wayne Valley, Art Beckett, Don Blessing, Ed McGah, Harvey Binns, Charles Harney (quote), Joe Kapp, Moose Myers, Horace Stoneham (quote), Paul Larson, Jim Carmichael, Chris Burford, Paul Lowe, Tony Teresa, Jack Hart (quote)