Feb 3, 1960

  • The California State Senate passed a resolution “urging” the University of California to permit Oakland’s team to play in Memorial Stadium until a dedicated facility could be built
In Print

“Local Fans Eager to See AFL Club”, Ray Haywood, Oakland Tribune

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“State Senate Urges U.C. to OK Pro Play”, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Chamber Committee Will Meet Tomorrow”

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“Cal Pressured to ‘Host’ Pros”, Don Selby, San Francisco Examiner

Subhead: “Civic Bodies Press Issue”

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“Hustle Guy Joe Arenas Bids for Oakland Job”, Prescott Sullivan, San Francisco Examiner

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“Cal Stadium Asked for AFL”, Howard Carr, San Francisco Chronicle

Subhead: “U.C. Has Said ‘No’ Once to Oakland Overtures”

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“Oakland Can Use a Pappy Waldorf”, Bill Leiser, San Francisco Chronicle

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