Feb 4, 1960

  • The Tribune reported that team hired former University of San Francisco athletic director Jimmy Needles to head up the process of finding suitable applicants for general manager and head coach

  • Owner Chet Soda later refuted the Needles story

  • The Tribune reported that former Navy coach Eddie Erdelatz met with one of the team owners and that negotiations were underway to hire him as head coach

  • The team announced they had retained prominent local lawyer William Hayes as general counsel
In Print

“Pro Grid Club Picks First Official”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Needles Screens Job Bids”

Tags: Jimmy Needles, Charles Harney, Chet Soda, Eddie Erdelatz, Pappy Waldorf, Phil Bengtson, Robert Osborne

“Resolution on U.C. Stadium Use Held Up”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: John Holmdahl, stadium

“Cal Needs Good Neighbor Policy”, Ray Haywood, Oakland Tribune

Tags: column, stadium

“State Senate Also Urges Use of U.C. Stadium by Oakland Team”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: editorial, John Holmdahl, stadium

“UC Urged to Host Oakland AFL Contests”, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: stadium, John Holmdahl, Tom Coll, Bud Foster

“Question: Is One Mays Worth Four Titles?”, Prescott Sullivan, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: column, nickname, Gus Gustafson

“Senate Urges Cal Give AFL a Home” San Francisco Examiner

Subhead: “Oakland: Pressure on Cal”

Tag: John Holmdahl, stadium, Robert Osborne, Pat Brown, Chet Soda (quote)