Feb 5, 1960

In Print

“Calistoga Seeks Locals for Drills”, Alan Ward, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Val White, Robert Osborne, Chet Soda, stadium

“Two Sites Studied for Sports Bowl”, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Subcommittee to Weigh Areas, Financing Methods”

Tags: stadium, George Jacopetti, Dan Marovich (quote), Corwin Mocine

“Erdelatz Sets Pro Post Terms”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Erdelatz is 7-1 Choice”

Tags: Eddie Erdelatz, Chet Soda, Jimmy Needles, Charles Harney, Pete Elliott, Dee Andros, John Ralston, Pappy Waldorf, Phil Bengtson, Paul Christopulous, Bud Erickson

“Cal Acts Fast—On Wrong Thing”, Ray Haywood, Oakland Tribune

Tags: column, stadium

“San Leandro C of C Backs Use of Bowl”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: stadium

“Erdelatz ‘In” for Two Jobs?”, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Eddie Erdelatz, Chet Soda, Glenn Seaborg, stadium

“Stadium Site Is Studied”, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: stadium, George Jacopetti

“Erdelatz Gets Bid!”, Don Selby, San Francisco Examiner

Subhead: “Oakland Pros Make Firm Offer”

Subhead: “Erdelatz: Oakland Offers Him Post”

Tags: Dee Andros, Eddie Erdelatz, Chet Soda (quote), Pete Elliott, Glenn Seaborg, John Ralston, Marv Levy, Jimmy Needles, Bill Monahan, William Hayes, transaction