Feb 8, 1960

  • The team named Chet Soda as general manager, possibly on an interim basis, and confirmed him as board chair

  • Soda was named to lead a three-man hiring committee that also included Robert Osborne and Wayne Valley

  • Soda said that Green Bay Packers assistant coach Phil Bengtson was under consideration for the assistant general manager’s position
In Print

“Soda GM of Oakland Pros”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Exec. Board to Interview Job Bidders”

Tags: Chet Soda (quote), transaction, Robert Osborne, Wayne Valley, Phil Bengtson, Buck Shaw, Red Strader, Frankie Albert, Paul Brown, Vince Lombardi

“Boom Eddie Erdelatz for New Mexico Job!”, Prescott Sullivan, San Francisco Examiner Tags: column, Eddie Erdelatz, Marv Levy

Tags: column, Eddie Erdelatz, Marv Levy