Feb 9, 1960

  • After several days of negotiations, the team hired St Mary’s College graduate and former Navy coach Eddie Erdelatz to be their first head coach
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“What We Need”, Robert H. Bolman, Oakland Tribune

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“Pros Name Erdelatz Coach”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Oakland Gets Top Mentor”

Tags: Eddie Erdelatz (quote), Chet Soda (quote), Marv Levy, Harvey Binns (quote), Don Blessing (quote)

“Erdelatz One of Top U.S. Coaches”, Ed Schoenfeld, Oakland Tribune

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“Ed Erdelatz Head Coach of Oakland Pros”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Eddie Erdelatz, Chet Soda, Marv Levy

“Oakland Due to Name Erdelatz”, Art Rosenbaum, San Francisco Chronicle

Subhead: “Soda Picked as General Manager”

Tags: Chet Soda (quote), Eddie Erdelatz, Phil Bengtson, Vince Lombardi, Buck Shaw, Marv Levy, Robert Osborne, Wayne Valley

“Oakland Name Contest Beset by Smart Alecks”, Prescott Sullivan, San Francisco Examiner

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“Soda Gets Bay Grid Position”, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: Chet Soda, Robert Osborne, Wayne Valley, Eddie Erdelatz, Red Blaik

Eddie ErdelatzHead CoachHired Feb 9, 1960