July 11 – Wayne Crow, right ankle, returned July 14.

July 13 – Walt Denny, pulled hamstring, left training camp July 16; Jack Larscheid, pulled hamstring, returned July 21; Fred Fehn, pulled muscle, returned August 2; Charley Powell, strained Achilles, returned July 18; Jim Woodard, strained right knee, left training camp July 22.

July 14 – Tom Flores, pulled muscle, missed no time; Irv Nikolai, ankle, day-to-day; Cloyd Boyette, pulled muscle, released July 19.

July 15 – Ron Beagle, knee, indefinitely.

July 16 – Brad Myers, pulled muscle, returned no later than July 20.

July 18 – Buddy Alliston, pulled groin muscle, day-to-day.

July 19 – Bob Webb, knee, returned July 26.

July 21 – Tom Louderback, bruised shoulder, several days; Larry Barnes, bruised shoulder, several days; Don Manoukian, pulled muscle, returned July 28; Charlie Kaaihue, pulled muscle, returned July 28; Charley Powell, strained Achilles recurrence, returned August 4.

July 25 – Tom Flores, pulled calf muscle, returned July 26.

August 5 – Charlie Hardy, pulled muscle, several days; Alex Bravo, pulled muscle, several days.

August 11 – Carl Isaacs, knee, indefinitely; Bob Webb, reinjured knee, several days.

August 13 – Billy Lott, neck, returned no later than August 19; Chris Plain, leg, out for season.

August 19 – Carmen Cavalli, broken nose, day-to-day; Tom Flores, shoulder, returned September 7; Billy Lott, brusied shoulder, day-to-day; Gene Prebola, hamstring, several days.

August 26 – John Harris, sprained knee, day-to-day; Dean Philpott, sprained knee, day-to-day.

August 27 – Buddy Allen, unspecified, day-to-day; Wayne Crow, pulled ligament, limited duty; Jack Larscheid, unspecified, day-to-day.

August 28 – Luther Carr, ribs, released September 13; Wayne Crow, ribs, day-to-day; Ron Drzewiecki, ribs, day-to-day; Charley Powell, sprained knee, day-to-day; Wayne Hawkins, sprained right ankle, day-to-day.

September 11 – Carmen Cavalli, ankle, day-to-day.

September 20 – Dalton Truax, pulled right leg muscle, returned by October 1; Ron Warzeka, right ankle, returned by October 1.

October 2 – Charlie Hardy, concussion, day-to-day; Jim Otto, chest and knee, day-to-day.

October 4 – Tony Teresa, back, day-to-day.

October 8 – Billy Lott, unspecified, day-to-day; Tom Louderback, unspecified, day-to-day; Eddie Macon, unspecified, day-to-day; Gene Prebola, pulled muscle, day-to-day; Ron Warzeka, unspecified, day-to-day.

October 9 – Charlie Hardy, pulled muscle, day-to-day; Nyle McFarlane, dislocated shoulder, day-to-day; Riley Morris, back bruise, returned October 16.

October 18 – Billy Lott, pulled hamstring, day-to-day.

October 20 – Al Hoisington, eye, day-to-day.

November 4 – Wayne Hawkins, bruised arm, day to day; Charley Powell, bruised ribs, day to day.

November 13 – Carmen Cavalli, wrist.

November 27 – Alan Goldstein, ankle, returned no later than December 11.

December 1 – George Fields, unspecified.

December 11 – Alan Goldstein, re-injured ankle. Charley Powell, knee.


July 24 – Jerry Burch, hip pointer. Paul Oglesby, back.

July 26 – Wayne Hawkins, muscle pull. Charley Powell, muscle strain in leg.

July 27 – Jim Green, broken nose.