Jan 10, 1960

  • Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Miami were all said to be farther along in their planning than Oakland
In Print

“Oakland Has Edge for AFL Club”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Backers Set Meeting as Decision Due”
Subhead: “City Races Time Deadline on AFL Grid Team Hopes”
Tags: stadium, Barron Hilton (quote), Robert Lurie, Hal Schoener, Ted Harrer, Jack Rector, Robert Osborne (quote), George Jacopetti, Lamar Hunt, Clifford Rishell (quote), Don Mulford, William Knowland, Clark Kerr, Frank Leahy (quote)

“Cal Stadium Key to Pro Franchise”, Alan Ward, Oakland Tribune

Tags: column, stadium, Barron Hilton, Lamar Hunt, Frank Leahy, Los Angeles Chargers

“Lurie Would Back Oakland Pro Team”, Darrell Wilson, San Francisco Chronicle

Subhead: “Lurie Group Revealed as Oakland Pro Grid Backers”
Tags: Ted Harrer, Robert Lurie (quote), Jack Rector, Lamar Hunt (quote), Joe Foss, Barron Hilton, Los Angeles Chargers, stadium, Hal Schoener, Chris Burford, Robert Osborne, George Jacopetti, Clifford Rishell (quote), George Halas

“Oakland’s AFL Bid Is Favored”, Curley Grieve, San Francisco Examiner

Subhead: “Place to Play Is Obstacle”
Subhead: “Oakland AFL Bid Hingers on Getting Playing Site”
Tags: stadium, Clifford Rishell (quote), William Knowland, Lamar Hunt (quote), Dallas Texans, Barron Hilton (quote), Los Angeles Chargers, Robert Osborne (quote), Ted Harrer, Hal Schoener, Clark Kerr, Fred Maggiora, Frank Youell, Dan Marovich, Felix Chialvo, Wayne Thompson, William Sparling, David Silverman, George Jacopetti, Frank Piva, Don Mulford, Peter Tripp, Larry Cappelli, Frank Leahy (quote), Arnold Eddy, Joe Davis, George Goodale, George Halas, George Preston Marshall, Washington Redskins

“Lamar Hunt Doesn’t Let the Family Riches Show”, Prescott Sullivan, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: Lamar Hunt (quote), HL Hunt, George Preston Marshall, Bunker Hunt, Ray Berry, Doyle Nix, Ed Burnett, Barron Hilton