Jan 11, 1960

  • Ted Harrer said he wouldn’t be interested in a team unless it played in Oakland right off the bad, while Robert Lurie said he wouldn’t invest in a team unless it began play in Candlestick Park
  • Both the Atlanta and Miami factions were reputed to have posted the $25,000 application fee already, while the Oakland effort was bogging down in contradictory requirements among the principals
  • Oakland mayor Clifford Rishell spoke with Glenn Seaborg, a chancellor with the University of California, and was told that the use of Memorial Stadium was a matter best taken up with school president Clark Kerr, who was currently in South Africa
In Print

“Pro Grid at U.C. Doubtful”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Franchise May Hinge on Stadium Use”
Tags: Greg Engelhard (quote), stadium, Clifford Rishell, William Knowland, Clark Kerr, Glenn Seaborg, Al Schwabacher, Ted Harrer, Robert Lurie, Robert Osborne, George Jacopetti, Lamar Hunt, Barron Hilton

“Hayward Bid to AFL?”, Hayward Daily Review

Subhead: “City Council to Act”
Tags: Floyd Attaway, Robert Lurie, Jack Rector, Hal Schoener, Ted Harrer, Lamar Hunt, Robert Osborne (quote), George Jacopetti (quote), Clifford Rishell (quote), stadium

“Aptitude Test Front Door to Berkeley”, Will Connolly, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: column, San Francisco 49ers, stadium

“The Guy Must Fancy Himself as a Puncher”, Prescott Sullivan, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: Eddie Erdelatz, column, Buck Shaw, Red Strader, Frankie Albert, Red Hickey, Robert Osborne