Jan 13, 1960

  • Scotty Stirling, in the Tribune, reported that a new and so far, unnamed, group representing San Francisco had thrown their hat in the ring for an AFL franchise
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“S.F. Seeking AFL Berth”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Oakland in Tough Spot: No Stadium”

Subhead: “S.F. Men Go After Berth in Grid Loop”

Tags: Frank Leahy, Los Angeles Chargers, Francis Dunn, Ted Harrer, stadium, Harry Schackelton (quote), Richard McCarthy (quote), Chester Stanley, Leland Sweeney

“Hayward Pro Grid Meeting Tomorrow”, Hayward Daily Review

Tags: Marshall Hansen, Floyd Sparks, George Lown, Del Nelson, Floyd Attaway, John Purchio, Rudy Dettenrieder, Michael Sheridan, Roger Anderson, Ted Harrer

“Stadium Key to AFL Franchise”, Sid Hoos, Hayward Daily Review

Subhead: “Hayward’s Pro Grid Chances to Be Aired at Confab Tomorrow”

Tags: stadium, Frank Clark, Ted Harrer, Hal Schoener (quote), Roger Anderson, Joe Foss, Clark Kerr, Francis Dunn, Robert Lurie, Bob Stinnett (quote), Al Branden

“Pleasanton Site Offered Oakland AFL”, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Barron Hilton, stadium, Los Angeles Chargers, Al Branden

“Aldermen Seek Stadium Authority Here”, Al Thomy, Atlanta Constitution

Tags: Lamar Hunt (quote), Lee Field, Charlie Leftwich, Jesse Draper, Joe Foss, Carling Dinkler, Otto Graham, Garland Byrd (quote), Frank Twitty (quote), Muggsy Smith, Wilson Brooks (quote), Frank McClelland, Charlie Brown

“Track Bids for AFL Grid Site”, San Francisco Examiner

Subhead: “Oaklanders Eye Track”

Tags: stadium, Francis Dunn, George Jacopetti (quote), Clifford Rishell, William Knowland (quote), Glenn Seaborg, Frank Kidner (quote), Clark Kerr