Jan 14, 1960

  • A group of unnamed people interested in getting an AFL team for Hayward met today to discuss plans

  • Yet another unidentified group of investors was reportedly joining the fray to land an AFL team for the Bay Area.

  • Insurance man George Jacopetti revealed the existence of the group, consisting of possibly 10 to 12 people, but he apparently wasn’t one of them

  • The group wanted to represent Oakland, but was apparently okay with the team playing in San Francisco on a temporary basis
In Print

“Hope for Local AFL Club Soars”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Tags: George Jacopetti (quote), Frank Leahy, Los Angeles Chargers

“Fairgrounds Formally Offered for Pro Grid”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: stadium, Francis Dunn (quote), George Jacopetti

“Atlanta Sets Strong Bid for AFL”, UPI, Hayward Daily Review

Subhead: “Talking Continues in Hayward, SF, Oakland”

Tags: Lamar Hunt, Carling Dinkler, Bud Adams, Otto Graham, Jim Clay, Earl Mann, Los Angeles Chargers, Frank Clark, Ted Harrer, Rudy Dettenrieder, Robert Lurie, Hal Schoener, stadium, Al Branden, Roger Anderson, Frank Leahy

“Chargers Seek Help from SFers”, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Los Angeles Chargers, Frank Leahy, Barron Hilton (quote), stadium

“Pro Goal in Sight”, Jesse Outlar, Atlanta Constitution

Tags: column, Jim Clay, Carling Dinkler, Joe Fine, Lamar Hunt, Frank Leahy, Los Angeles Chargers, stadium, Earl Mann, Louis Trousdale, Otto Graham

“Backed by Capital, Arena, Atlanta Prepares AFL Pitch”, Al Thomy, Atlanta Constitution

Subhead: “Group Pledges $250,000

Subhead: “Mann Offers to Rent Park”

Subhead: “Atlanta Ready for AFL Talks”

Tags: Lamar Hunt, Earl Mann, Jim Clay (quote), William Towers, Van Fletcher, Louis Trousdale, Bud Adams, William Hartsfield, Eaton Chalkey, Carling Dinkler, Joe Fine, Arthur Harris, Fred Storey, Tommy Reader, Perry Ballard, Buck Doyal