Jan 21, 1960

  • The investment group headed by Bill Jackson and Ed Goldie posted a $25,000 application fee with the AFL

  • The Jackson/Goldie group met with representatives of the Ted Harrer group to explore a merger, but the talks failed over the inability to select a group leader

  • The University of California told Oakland officials that Memorial Stadium would not be available for use by a professional football team
In Print

“Formal Bid for Local Grid Team”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “$25,000 Posted for Grid Team”

Tags: Bill Jackson (quote), Ernie Nevers, Ed Goldie, Ted Harrer, Clifford Rishell (quote), Barron Hilton, Los Angeles Chargers

“Sports Stadium Bond Issue Urged by City Councilman”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Frank Youell, Corwin Mocine, Wayne Thompson, stadium

“Two Groups Back Oakland in AFL”, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Barron Hilton, Los Angeles Chargers, Bill Jackson, Ed Goldie, Ted Harrer

“Nevers’ Group Posts Cash”, Bill Mulligan, San Francisco Examiner

Subhead: “Oakland Submits AFL Bid”

Subhead: “Unity Bid Suggested in Oakland”

Tags: Bill Jackson (quote), Ed Goldie (quote), Ernie Nevers, Barron Hilton, Los Angeles Chargers, George Jacopetti, Ted Harrer, Brick Laws