Jan 23, 1960

  • San Francisco mayor George Christopher expressed concern over the advisability of hosting a second professional football team at a local stadium while acknowledging that the decision was not in his hands
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“Three Groups in Grid Bidding”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Frank Leahy, Los Angeles Chargers, Chet Soda, Robert Osborne, Charles Harney, Ted Harrer, Bill Jackson, Ed Goldie, Barron Hilton

“Hayward’s Football Hopes Grow Darker”, Hayward Daily Review

Subhead: “Crushing Blow in Phone Call”

Subhead: “Hayward Hopes Fade as Hilton Favors Oakland”

Tags: Barron Hilton (quote), Los Angeles Chargers, Rudy Dettenrieder, Bert Bell, WJ Mullen, Ed Goldie, Bill Jackson, Ted Harrer, Frank Leahy, stadium, Floyd Attaway

“Mayor: Is Housing AFL a Risk?”, Darrell Wilson, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: George Christopher (quote), stadium, Alan Browne (quote)

“Oakland Enters 3rd AFL Bid”, Bill Mulligan, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: Bill Jackson, Ed Goldie, Ted Harrer, Robert Osborne, Lamar Hunt, Dallas Texans, Barron Hilton, Los Angeles, Harry Wismer, New York Titans, Frank Leahy (quote), Brick Laws, Clifford Rishell, William Sparling