Jan 25, 1960

  • Ted Harrer announced that his investment group would not attend the AFL’s expansion meeting on the 26th

  • Both the Robert Osborne/Chet Soda group and the Bill Jackson/Ed Goldie group indicated they would appear before the league owners in Dallas
In Print

“Harrer Group Declines AFL Bidding War”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “No-Bid War for AFL Team”

Tags: Ted Harrer (quote), Robert Osborne, Chet Soda, Bill Jackson, Ed Goldie, William Sparling (quote), George Jacopetti (quote), George Christopher, stadium, Frank Leahy, Los Angeles Chargers

“Hayward Pro Grid Front Quiet; AFL Meets Tomorrow”, Hayward Daily Review

Tags: Chet Soda, Robert Osborne, Ted Harrer, Ed Goldie, Bill Jackson, George Christopher, stadium