Jan 26, 1960

  • The Oakland group led by Chet Soda and Robert Osborne and an Atlanta group led by businessman Jack Clay made their pitches to the AFL

  • No decision was made because the league received late word that a San Francisco group led by George McKeon and Bernard Hagen had requested a hearing, too

  • Wayne Valley, an East Bay land developer, was also in Dallas as part of the Soda/Osborne group

  • Bill Jackson of the Jackson/Ed Goldie group was in Dallas, but did not make a presentation
In Print

“Pros Decide on Oakland Today”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Joe Foss, Robert Osborne, Chet Soda, Wayne Valley, Jim Clay, Bud Adams, Houston Oilers, Barron Hilton, Los Angeles Chargers, Ted Harrer, Bill Jackson, Ed Goldie

“St. Louis Enters AFL Franchise Race”, UPI, Hayward Daily Review

Subhead: “Key Talks Open in Dallas”

Tags: Joe Foss, Lamar Hunt

“Three Oakland Groups Woo AFL Moguls”, Hayward Daily Review

Tags: Robert Osborne, Chet Soda, Charles Harney, Wayne Valley, Ed Goldie, Bill Jackson, Ted Harrer, stadium

“Oakland AFL Bid Goes to Vote Today”, UPI, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Joe Foss, Chet Soda, Robert Osborne, Ed Goldie, Bill Jackson (quote)

“Atlanta in AFL?”, Jesse Outlar, Atlanta Constitution

Tags: column, Lamar Hunt, Jim Clay, Frank Leahy, Los Angeles Chargers, Earl Mann, Bob Howsam, Denver Broncos, Billy Sullivan, Boston Patriots, Estes Kefauver

“Atlanta, Oakland Await AFL Word”, AP, Atlanta Constitution

Subhead: “Foss Says the Decision May Come on Tuesday”

Tags: Joe Foss (quote)

“No Miami Voice in AFL Meeting”, AP, Miami Herald

Tags: Joe Foss

“Oakland AFL Berth Up for Grabs Today”, Prescott Sullivan, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: Bill Jackson, Ed Goldie, Charles Harney, Robert Osborne, Chet Soda, Wayne Valley, Harvey Binns, Art Beckett, Ed McGah, stadium, Ernie Nevers, Joe Foss (quote)