Jan 27, 1960

  • The George McKeon/Bernard Hagen group representing San Francisco made their presentation to the AFL owners

  • Bill Jackson announced that his group had withdrawn their application for a franchise
In Print

“AFL Frowns on S.F. Bid”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Oakland Remains in Fight”

Tags: San Francisco 49ers, Lamar Hunt, George McKeon, Bernard Hagan, Charles McKeon, Bill Jackson (quote), Ed Goldie, Robert Osborne, Barron Hilton, Los Angeles Chargers, Chet Soda, Wayne Valley, Joe Foss, stadium

“Council Rejects Stadium Motion”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Dan Marovich (quote), Lamar Hunt, Clifford Rishell (quote), John Houlihan, John Collier, stadium

“Bond Proposal for Stadium to Be Studied”, Hayward Daily Review

Tags: William Scanlon, Floyd Attaway, Rudy Dettenrieder, stadium, Douglas Cooper

“Confusion Hits AFL”, UPI, Hayward Daily Review

Subhead: “Choice of 8th Team Delayed”

Tags: Robert Osborne (quote), Bill Jackson, Chet Soda, Wayne Valley, stadium, Lamar Hunt, Jim Clay, Charles McKeon, Bernhard Hagan, Joe Foss

“S.F. Group Formed on Weekend”, UPI, Hayward Daily Review

Tags: Bernhard Hagan, Charles McKeon, George McKeon

“The Oakland Applicants”, Jesse Outlar, Atlanta Constitution

Tags: column, Barron Hilton, Los Angeles Chargers, Frank Leahy, Lamar Hunt, Jim Clay, Robert Osborne, Bill Jackson, Hazle Jackson, Joe Foss, Ed Goldie, Charles McKeon, Bernard Hagan, George Christopher, Ted Harrer

“San Francisco Pops into AFL Picture”, Jesse Outlar, Atlanta Constitution

Subhead: “Atlanta Still Likely Choice”

Subhead: “No Decision Given Tuesday”

Tags: Lamar Hunt, Jim Clay (quote), Joe Foss (quote), Robert Osborne, Charles McKeon, Ed Goldie, George Christopher, Los Angeles Chargers, Barron Hilton, Frank Leahy (quote), Perry Ballard, Jack Rice, Bud Adams, Houston Oilers

“Eighth AFL Spot Sought by 3 Cities”, AP, Miami Herald

Tags: Bill Jackson, Ed Goldie, Bob Osborne, Jim Clay, Charles McKeon, Bernard Hagan, Lamar Hunt, Dallas Texans, Joe Foss

“’Frisco Bids for Spot with AFL”, AP, Miami Herald

Tags: Joe Foss (quote), Lamar Hunt

“S.F. Pair Asks AFL Franchise”, Ed Fite, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: Charles McKeon, Lamar Hunt, George McKeon, Bernard Hagan, George Christopher, Robert Osborne (quote)