Jan 31, 1960

  • Chet Soda said there were two “silent partners” in addition to the eight already identified but that he “(didn’t) want to name them”
In Print

“Oakland Wins Pro Football Franchise”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “L.A. Club Owner’s Intervention, Local Group’s Sustained Effort Swing AFL Vote from Atlanta”

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“Man in Street Surprised, Enthusiastic”, Herb Michelson, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Pappy Waldorf, Wesley Bovyer, John Forrest, Eddie Erdelatz, Dottie Cahill

“Kapp Interested in Pro QB Job Here”, Ed Schoenfeld, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Joe Kapp (quote), Chet Soda (quote), Jim Carmichael, Paul Lowe (quote), Knute Rockne, Johnny Oszewski, Pete Elliott (quote), Paul Larson, Pappy Waldorf, Jim Hanifan, Los Angeles Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Red Hickey

“Owners Enthused by AFL Franchise”, Oakland Tribune

“Other Clubs Help Stock Local Team”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Chris Burford, Dallas Texans, Lamar Hunt (quote)

“Voters May Get Bid for Playing Site”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: stadium, Clifford Rishell (quote), George Jacopetti,

“Owners Expect Costly Fight”, Jack Gallagher, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “No Quick Miracles”

Tags: Ed McGah (quote), Chet Soda (quote), Harvey Binns (quote), Robert Osborne, Barron Hilton, Los Angeles Chargers, stadium, Ed McGah, Jr., Wayne Valley (quote)

“Knowland Hails Grid Team Here”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: William Knowland (quote)

“Dramatic Victory for Local Men”, Alan Ward, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Chet Soda (quote), column, Robert Osborne, Charles Harney (quote), Wayne Valley, Art Beckett, Ed McGah, Harvey Binns, Don Blessing

“Quality of Play Determines Gate”, Wally Willis, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Victor Morabito (quote), San Francisco 49ers

“Eastbay Citizens Urged to Support Stadium Committee”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Don Mulford (quote), Robert Osborne, George Jacopetti, stadium

“Oakland Gets AFL Grid Team”, UPI, San Francisco Chronicle

Subhead: “Atlanta Bows”

Subhead: “East Bay Entry Fills Out Eight-Club Circuit”

Tags: Joe Foss, Lamar Hunt, Barron Hilton, Robert Osborne, Wayne Valley, Chet Soda, stadium

“Oakland Starts Hunt for Players”, Bob Stevens, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Chet Soda (quote), Wayne Valley (quote), Robert Osborne, Joe Foss, Chris Burford, stadium, Barron Hilton, nickname

“Erdelatz ‘Interested’”, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Eddie Erdelatz, Pete Elliott

“Mayor: 49ers Must Come First”, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: George Christopher (quote), stadium

“Atlantan: Leahy Won for Oakland”, UPI, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Jim Clay (quote), Frank Leahy

“Morabito: No Comment”, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Victor Morabito (quote)

“Oakland Backed by $30 Million”, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Chet Soda, Robert Osborne, Wayne Valley, Charles Harney, Don Blessing, Art Beckett, Ed McGah, Harvey Binns

“Oakland Gets Pro Football”, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: Barron Hilton, Robert Osborne, Charles Harney

“Oakland Lands AFL Team”, Don Selby, San Francisco Examiner

Subhead: “Franchise to Osborne and Soda Group”

Tags: Robert Osborne, Chet Soda (quote), Wayne Valley, Art Beckett, Charles Harney, Ed McGah, Harvey Binns, Don Blessing, Joe Foss (quote), Lamar Hunt, Barron Hilton, Frank Leahy, Ernie Nevers, Bill Jackson, Ed Goldie, nickname, stadium, Walter Haas