Jan 4, 1960

  • The Minneapolis/St Paul Franchise pulled out of the AFL
  • Atlanta and Miami thought to be candidates for replacing Minneapolis/St Paul
  • Lamar Hunt said to favor Miami
  • Miami city officials had rejected a push to join the league back in September because they thought it would reduce attendance at University of Miami games
  • Hunt said there was a third city in the running for a league spot, but declined to identify it
In Print

“AFL Pullout Puts Twin Cities Open to Rival Pro Loop”, AP, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Lamar Hunt, Joe Foss, EW Boyer (quote), Wayne Robinson, Phil Bengtson, HP Skoglund, Max Winter, Ole Haugsrud, Sam McCord, Bob Parker, Cloyd Boyette

“Minneapolis-St. Paul Drops from AFL—to Join NFL”, UPI, Hayward Daily Review

Tags: EW Boyer (quote), Joe Foss (quote)

“Hunt Favors Miami as Replacement”, UPI, Hayward Daily Review

Tags: Lamar Hunt (quote)

“Atlanta Emerges in AFL Picture”, Al Thomy, Atlanta Constitution

Tags: Lamar Hunt, Jim Clay (quote), Eaton Chalkey, Carling Dinkler, Arthur Montgomery, Barron Hilton, Conrad Hilton, Pat Friday, Frank Leahy, Harry Wismer, Bud Adams, Ralph Wilson, Bob Howsam, Billy Sullivan, EW Boyer (quote), Wayne Robinson, Phil Bengtson

“Lamar Hunt Returns Miami to AFL Franchise Wars”, Ray Crawford, Miami Herald

Tags: Lamar Hunt (quote), Robert King High (quote), BE Hearn (quote), George DeBreuil

“NFL Has Clear Field for Twin Cities Club”, AP, San Francisco Examiner