Jan 5, 1960

  • California state assemblyman Don Mulford, who represented parts of Alameda County centering on Oakland, was leading an effort to form a committee of city leaders to find investors that would pursue a franchise
  • Finding a place to play was seen as the largest obstacle to an Oakland entry with Candlestick Park emerging as the leading contender in the short term
  • Jacksonville was added to the list of potential AFL cities
  • Robert Lurie, son of a prominent local money man, was thought to be interested in backing a team
In Print

“AFL Team in Offing?”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Hilton Gives His Support to Oakland”
Tags: Barron Hilton (quote), Don Mulford (quote), Robert N Moore (quote), San Francisco Giants, Frank Leahy, Los Angeles Chargers, Horace Stoneham, Lamar Hunt (quote), Joe Foss, Clifford Rishell, stadium

“Oakland Has ‘Best Chance’ for AFL’s Last Franchise”, Darrell Wilson, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Barron Hilton (quote), Lamar Hunt, Victor Morabito (quote), Ray Kimball (quote), Robert Lurie (quote), Los Angeles Chargers, stadium

“AFL’s Bid for Miami Desperate”, Jimmy Burns, Miami Herald

Tags: Walter Wolfner (quote), George Storer, George Preston Marshall (quote), Jak Harding (quote), Jay Pearson, George Halas

“AFL Club for Oakland…in SF Park?”, Smiley Farkas, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: Lamar Hunt, Robert Lurie (quote), Ernie Nevers (quote), Clifford Rishell (quote), George Christopher (quote), Barron Hilton, Ole Haugsrud, Los Angeles Chargers, stadium