Jan 6, 1960

  • Los Angeles Chargers owner Barron Hilton said the AFL would probably award the franchise in the next three weeks
  • In an evening session, the Oakland city council approved a resolution showing their approval of the city’s pursuing a team and authorized mayor Clifford Rishell to create a “Citizens’ Action Committee” to that end
In Print

“AFL $ Drive On”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Barron Hilton, Los Angeles Chargers, Robert Lurie, Ernie Nevers

“Council Favors AFL”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Clifford Rishell

“Getting Stadium Major Difficulty”, Ray Haywood, Oakland Tribune

Tags: column, stadium

“Oakland Home Games in S.F.? Oh, Come Now…”, George Eberl, Hayward Daily Review

Tags: column

“Oakland in Official Bid for A.F.L. Club”, Hayward Daily Review

Tags: stadium

“Oakland Council Favors AFL Entry”, San Francisco Chronicle

Subhead: “Motion Passed for New Stadium”
Tags: stadium, Clifford Rishell, Barron Hilton, Los Angeles Chargers, Don Mulford

“Oakland City Council Asks Action in AFL”, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: stadium, Clifford Rishell, Don Mulford