Jan 8, 1960

  • Oakland mayor Clifford Rishell, California state assemblyman Don Mulford, and members of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce met to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting with Barron Hilton and other Chargers officials
  • Hilton said Oakland was “almost a unanimous choice” for the last AFL franchise
  • Hilton also said a decision wouldn’t come until at least the 21st, when the league had its next meeting
  • Prospective ownership groups would be required to post $25,000 in earnest money
  • Robert Lurie, a San Francisco-based prospective owner, said he’d prefer that a team be based in that city rather than Oakland
  • Robert Osborne, an Oakland city council member and area industrialist, said a group made up of “prominent East Bay citizens” headed by insurance magnate George Jacopetti was also interested in backing a team
In Print

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Subhead: “Hilton Sets Grid Confab Tomorrow”
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