Jan 9, 1960

  • Oakland civic leaders, including Mayor Rishell and assemblyman Don Mulford met with Barron Hilton and Frank Leahy of the Los Angeles Chargers to strategize about getting a team for Oakland
  • Robert Lurie, member of a wealthy San Francisco family, and Ted Harrer, an Oakland industrialist, were the leading contenders to finance a team
  • Oakland city council member and businessman Robert Osborne and insurance magnate George Jacopetti were also trying to put together a group
  • The city of Hayward said they were looking into a plan to build a stadium there, though there weren’t many specifics at this point
  • Frank Leahy of the Los Angeles Chargers said the league’s other seven teams would surrender some of their players to a pool from which a new franchise could make selections
In Print

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Subhead: “Hilton Outlines Plan Here Today”
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