Mar 9, 1960

  • The team announced it had scheduled four of its five preseason games, with tilts against the Chargers, Bills, Titans, and Patriots on the docket
  • A fifth game, likely to be against the Texans, had yet to be nailed down

In Print

“Bond Vote for Stadium Considered”, Oakland Tribune

Subhead: “Councilmen Study Staff Reports on $15,000,000 Issue”

Tags: stadium, Wayne Thompson, Dan Marovich

“Oakland Pros Open at ‘Home’”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Eddie Erdelatz, Chet Soda, Harvey Binns (quote), Wayne Valley, Robert Osborne, Ernie Jorge, Marty Feldman

“Moose Fete Oakland Pro Club Tonight”, Oakland Tribune

Tags: Chet Soda, Eddie Erdelatz, Sammy Stein (quote), Clifford Rishell, Francis Dunn

“Success Sure for Local Pros If—“, Ray Haywood, Oakland Tribune

Tags: column

“Moose Honor AFL Grid Team”, San Francisco Chronicle

Tags: Chet Soda, Eddie Erdelatz, Clifford Rishell, Francis Dunn

“Oakland Moose Hosts AFL Club”, San Francisco Examiner

Tags: Chet Soda, Eddie Erdelatz