Transactions 1960

January 30 – Oakland awarded AFL franchise with eight co-owners: Art Beckett, Harvey Binns, Don Blessing, Charles Harney, Ed McGah, Robert Osborne, Chet Soda, and Wayne Valley.

February 7 – Named Chet Soda general manager.

February 9 – Hired Eddie Erdelatz as head coach.

February 10 – Hired Ernie Jorge as assistant coach.

February 23 – Co-owner Art Beckett relinquished share of team. Roger Lapham brought in to take over his shares.

March 1 – Hired Marty Feldman as assistant coach.

March 3 – AFL assigned signing rights for 14 players to team: HB George Blanch, OL Cloyd Boyette, T Willie Boykin, DE Carmen Cavalli, QB Fran Curci, E/HB Purcell Daniels, E Dan Edgington, HB Abner Haynes, QB Sam McCord, E Don Norton, C Jim Otto, OL Bob Parker, E Gene Prebola, and OL Jim Woodard.

March 6 – Signed free agent QB Ed Hino.

March 20 – Hired Tommy Kalmanir as assistant coach.

March 25 – Selected HB Joe Cannavino, G Jerry Epps, HB Marv Lasater, HB Billy Lott, and C Bob Nelson via the AFL allocation draft.

April 6 – Signed free agent HB Jack Larscheid.

April 8 – Signed free agents DE Jerry Flynn and QB/HB Tony Teresa. Selected HB Buddy Allen, DT Ramon Armstrong, and E Alan Goldstein via the AFL allocation draft.

April 11 – Hired George Anderson as head of training staff.

April 15 – Team concluded the AFL allocation draft, adding the following players to their roster: G Don Churchwell, LB Bob Dougherty, G Wayne Hawkins, T Larry Lancaster, HB Dean Philpott.

April 17 – Signed Free agent QB Paul Larson.

April 18 – Signed free agent E Ron Beagle. Hired Everett Nevin as operations and ticket manager.

April 21 – Signed free agent HB Eddie Macon.

April 26 – Signed free agent HB Ron Drzewiecki.

April 27 – Signed free agent HB Wayne Crow. The following players were announced in print as having been signed, but date of signing is not known: G Bill Atkins, T Charles Bates, G/LB Lou Byrd, C Roch Conklin, T Don Deskins, HB Al Feola, DL/LB George Fields, C Wes Fry, HB Alex Gardner, QB/HB Carl Gordon, HB James Hall, HB Vin Hogan, FB Clark Holden, HB Brad Hustad, FB Stan Jones, B LC Joyner, G Charlie Kaaihue, T Joe Kominski, C Rich Max, QB/HB Ron Newhouse, FB Andrew Pierce, T Chris Plain, E Willis Towne. Co-owner Harvey Binns sold his share of the team to the remaining seven owners.

May 4 – Hired Ed Cody as assistant coach.

May 11 – Traded QB Fran Curci to Dallas Texans for T Dalton Truax.

May 21 – Signed free agents FB Larry Barnes and G Don Manoukian.

June 2 – Traded E Don Norton to Los Angeles Chargers for DT Charley Powell.

June 6 – Signed free agent QB Tom Flores.

June 11 – Signed free agents HB Ray Peterson and HB Wayne Schneider.

June 14 – Ownership group announced that Wallace Marsh had purchased former co-owner Harvey Binns’ share of the team.

June 15 – Signed free agents T Joe Barbee, T Dave Holden, T Billy Ray Locklin, E Irv Nikolai, G Ron Sabal, C Mac Starnes. Signed T Cloyd Boyette, who had previously had exclusive signing rights awarded to the team by the AFL.

June 19 – Hired Del Courtney as musical director.

June 23 – Named Bud Foster play-by-play radio announcer.

June 26 – Signed free agent DB Alex Bravo.

June 29 – Hired Bud Hastings as assistant general manager.

July 1 – Hired Palmer Whitted as personnel assistant.

July 2 – Named Mel Venter color radio announcer.

July 3 – Hired L. Kendall Small as team physician.

July 9 – Invited free agent QB Sandy Lederman to training camp.

July 12 – The following players were identified as having been signed, but signing date is unknown: LB Buddy Alliston, HB John Brown, G Tom Cousineau, FB Tom Davis, E Bob Fails, T Fred Fehn, HB Max Fields, E Charlie Hardy, OL Bob Harrison, QB Bob Webb. Probable training camp invitees, with date of invitation unknown: E Walt Denny, T Curt Iaukea, E Mose Mastelotto, K Gordon Tovani. The following players were probably not on roster any longer, but date of release is unknown: G Bill Atkins, C Roch Conklin, HB Brad Hustad.

July 13 – Released T Charles Bates, E Al Feola, HB Max Fields, HB James Hall, QB Ed Hino, HB Stan Jones, E Joe Kominski, QB Ron Newhouse, HB Andrew Pierce, E Willis Towne. Dismissed QB Sandy Lederman, E Mose Mastelotto, and E Gordon Tovani from training camp. LB Tom Davis, HB Vin Hogan, and T Curt Iaukea voluntarily left training camp.

July 14 – G Tom Cousineau voluntarily left training camp. Hired Wes Fry, Sr as player personnel director. E Carl Isaacs signed no later than this date.

July 15 – FB Clark Holden and T Dave Holden voluntarily left training camp.

July 16 – The following player was identified as having been signed, but signing date is unknown: RB Brad Myers. E Walt Denny voluntarily left training camp.

July 17 – Released QB Sam McCord.

July 18 – Signed free agent LB Tom Louderback. HB George Blanch and HB Marv Lasater voluntarily left training camp.

July 19 – Released T Cloyd Boyette, HB Purcell Daniels, HB Wes Fry, Jr, and T Rich Max. Dismissed T Willie Hudson, who had been invited at a previous, but unknown date, from training camp.

July 23 – OL Jim Woodard left team because of injury and did not return.

July 24 – Released HB Carl Gordon and HB Wayne Schneider. Hired Stan Easterling as public address announcer.

July 26 – Hired Gene Perry for the public relations department sometime prior to this date.

August 2 – Signed free agents HB John Harris, FB Jim Varnado, and E Charley Moore. Released HB Alex Gardner, HB Ray Peterson, T Willie Boykin, G Bob Harrison, DB Bob Fails, and G Charlie Kaaihue.

August 3 – Announced as having been signed, G Gil Ane, but actual date of signing wasn’t reported. Released G Lou Byrd, T Fred Fehn, and FB Jim Varnado.

August 12 – Signed free agent QB Bobby Newman.

August 16 – Signed free agents HB Luther Carr and QB Babe Parilli.

August 17 – Released G Gil Ane, HB John Brown, and QB Bobby Newman.

August 20 – Released C Bob Nelson.

August 23 – Released E Irv Nikolai. Invited HB Severn Hayes to camp.

August 30 – Placed HB Ron Drzewiecki and FB Dean Philpott on injured reserve. Waived G Jerry Epps, DE Jerry Flynn, and E Charley Moore.

September 1 – Dismissed HB Severn Hayes from team.

September 3 – Released T Larry Lancaster. Traded LB Buddy Alliston to Denver Broncos for their eighth-round draft choice in 1961.

September 6 – Released E Dan Edgington, HB John Harris, HB Brad Myers, and C Mac Starnes. Signed FB JD Smith.

September 7 – Signed DT Ron Warzeka.

September 8 – Signed free agents DE Glenn Holtzman, LB Riley Morris, and T Paul Oglesby. Released HB Buddy Allen.

September 11 – Re-signed HB John Harris at some point between this date and his reported release on September 6.

September 13 – Signed free agents TE Doug Asad, E Al Hoisington, and HB Nyle McFarlane. Released T Joe Barbee, HB Luther Carr, T Don Churchwell, and QB Paul Larson.

September 20 – Officially added LB Riley Morris to roster. Signed free agent DE Bill Striegel. Released DE Glenn Holtzman and LB Billy Ray Locklin.

September 22 – Signed free agent HB Bob Keyes. Released DB LC Joyner.

September 28 – Signed free agent G John Dittrich. Released T Bill Striegel.

October 22 – Signed free agent HB Billy Reynolds. Placed HB Bob Keyes on waivers.

November 7 – Hired William Hayes as team attorney on or before this date.

November 14 – Released E Al Hoisington.

December 6 – Placed HB Billy Reynolds on waivers.

December 19 – Acquired G Jack Stone in exchange for surrendering signing rights to HB Abner Haynes in offseason.