January 30 – Oakland awarded AFL franchise with eight co-owners: Art BeckettHarvey BinnsDon BlessingCharles HarneyEd McGahRobert OsborneChet Soda, and Wayne Valley.

February 4 – Retained William Hayes as lead counsel.

February 7 – Named Chet Soda general manager.

February 9 – Hired Eddie Erdelatz as head coach.

February 10 – Hired Ernie Jorge as assistant coach.

February 23 – Co-owner Art Beckett relinquished share of team. Roger Lapham brought in to take over his shares.

March 1 – Hired Marty Feldman as assistant coach.

March 3 – AFL assigned signing rights for 14 players to team: HB George Blanch, OL Cloyd Boyette, T Willie Boykin, DE Carmen Cavalli, QB Fran Curci, E/HB Purcell Daniels, E Dan Edgington, HB Abner Haynes, QB Sam McCord, E Don Norton, C Jim Otto, OL Bob Parker, E Gene Prebola, and OL Jim Woodard.

March 6 – Signed free agent QB Ed Hino.

March 20 – Hired Tommy Kalmanir as assistant coach.

March 25 – Selected HB Joe Cannavino, G Jerry Epps, HB Marv Lasater, HB Billy Lott, and C Bob Nelson via the AFL allocation draft.

April 6 – Signed free agent HB Jack Larscheid.

April 8 – Signed free agents DE Jerry Flynn and QB/HB Tony Teresa. Selected HB Buddy Allen, DT Ramon Armstrong, and E Alan Goldstein via the AFL allocation draft.

April 11 – Hired George Anderson as head of training staff.

April 15 – Team concluded the AFL allocation draft, adding the following players to their roster: G Don Churchwell, LB Bob Dougherty, G Wayne Hawkins, T Larry Lancaster, HB Dean Philpott.

April 17 – Signed Free agent QB Paul Larson.

April 18 – Signed free agent E Ron Beagle. Hired Everett Nevin as operations and ticket manager.

April 21 – Signed free agent HB Eddie Macon.

April 26 – Signed free agent HB Ron Drzewiecki.

April 27 – Signed free agent HB Wayne Crow. The following players were announced in print as having been signed, but date of signing is not known: G Bill Atkins, T Charles Bates, G/LB Lou Byrd, C Roch Conklin, T Don Deskins, HB Al Feola, DL/LB George Fields, C Wes Fry, HB Alex Gardner, QB/HB Carl Gordon, HB James Hall, HB Vin Hogan, FB Clark Holden, HB Brad Hustad, FB Stan Jones, B LC Joyner, G Charlie Kaaihue, T Joe Kominski, C Rich Max, QB/HB Ron Newhouse, FB Andrew Pierce, T Chris Plain, E Willis Towne. Co-owner Harvey Binns sold his share of the team to the remaining seven owners.

May 4 – Hired Ed Cody as assistant coach.

May 11 – Traded QB Fran Curci to Dallas Texans for T Dalton Truax.

May 21 – Signed free agents FB Larry Barnes and G Don Manoukian.

June 2 – Traded E Don Norton to Los Angeles Chargers for DT Charley Powell.

June 6 – Signed free agent QB Tom Flores.

June 11 – Signed free agents HB Ray Peterson and HB Wayne Schneider.

June 14 – Ownership group announced that Wallace Marsh had purchased former co-owner Harvey Binns’ share of the team.

June 15 – Signed free agents T Joe Barbee, T Dave Holden, T Billy Ray Locklin, E Irv Nikolai, G Ron Sabal, C Mac Starnes. Signed T Cloyd Boyette, who had previously had exclusive signing rights awarded to the team by the AFL.

June 19 – Hired Del Courtney as musical director.

June 23 – Named Bud Foster play-by-play radio announcer.

June 26 – Signed free agent DB Alex Bravo.

June 29 – Hired Bud Hastings as assistant general manager.

July 1 – Hired Palmer Whitted as personnel assistant.

July 2 – Named Mel Venter color radio announcer.

July 3 – Hired L. Kendall Small as team physician.

July 9 – Invited free agent QB Sandy Lederman to training camp.

July 12 – The following players were identified as having been signed, but signing date is unknown: LB Buddy Alliston, HB John Brown, G Tom Cousineau, FB Tom Davis, E Bob Fails, T Fred Fehn, HB Max Fields, E Charlie Hardy, OL Bob Harrison, QB Bob Webb. Probable training camp invitees, with date of invitation unknown: E Walt Denny, T Curt Iaukea, E Mose Mastelotto, K Gordon Tovani. The following players were probably not on roster any longer, but date of release is unknown: G Bill Atkins, C Roch Conklin, HB Brad Hustad.

July 13 – Released T Charles Bates, E Al Feola, HB Max Fields, HB James Hall, QB Ed Hino, HB Stan Jones, E Joe Kominski, QB Ron Newhouse, HB Andrew Pierce, E Willis Towne. Dismissed QB Sandy Lederman, E Mose Mastelotto, and E Gordon Tovani from training camp. LB Tom Davis, HB Vin Hogan, and T Curt Iaukea voluntarily left training camp.

July 14 – G Tom Cousineau voluntarily left training camp. Hired Wes Fry, Sr as player personnel director. E Carl Isaacs signed no later than this date.

July 15 – FB Clark Holden and T Dave Holden voluntarily left training camp.

July 16 – The following player was identified as having been signed, but signing date is unknown: RB Brad Myers. E Walt Denny voluntarily left training camp.

July 17 – Released QB Sam McCord.

July 18 – Signed free agent LB Tom Louderback. HB George Blanch and HB Marv Lasater voluntarily left training camp.

July 19 – Released T Cloyd Boyette, HB Purcell Daniels, HB Wes Fry, Jr, and T Rich Max. Dismissed T Willie Hudson, who had been invited at a previous, but unknown date, from training camp.

July 23 – OL Jim Woodard left team because of injury and did not return.

July 24 – Released HB Carl Gordon and HB Wayne Schneider. Hired Stan Easterling as public address announcer.

July 26 – Hired Gene Perry for the public relations department sometime prior to this date.

August 2 – Signed free agents HB John Harris, FB Jim Varnado, and E Charley Moore. Released HB Alex Gardner, HB Ray Peterson, T Willie Boykin, G Bob Harrison, DB Bob Fails, and G Charlie Kaaihue.

August 3 – Announced as having been signed, G Gil Ane, but actual date of signing wasn’t reported. Released G Lou Byrd, T Fred Fehn, and FB Jim Varnado.

August 12 – Signed free agent QB Bobby Newman.

August 16 – Signed free agents HB Luther Carr and QB Babe Parilli.

August 17 – Released G Gil Ane, HB John Brown, and QB Bobby Newman.

August 20 – Released C Bob Nelson.

August 23 – Released E Irv Nikolai. Invited HB Severn Hayes to camp.

August 30 – Placed HB Ron Drzewiecki and FB Dean Philpott on injured reserve. Waived G Jerry Epps, DE Jerry Flynn, and E Charley Moore.

September 1 – Dismissed HB Severn Hayes from team.

September 3 – Released T Larry Lancaster. Traded LB Buddy Alliston to Denver Broncos for their eighth-round draft choice in 1961.

September 6 – Released E Dan Edgington, HB John Harris, HB Brad Myers, and C Mac Starnes. Signed FB JD Smith.

September 7 – Signed DT Ron Warzeka.

September 8 – Signed free agents DE Glenn Holtzman, LB Riley Morris, and T Paul Oglesby. Released HB Buddy Allen.

September 11 – Re-signed HB John Harris at some point between this date and his reported release on September 6.

September 13 – Signed free agents TE Doug Asad, E Al Hoisington, and HB Nyle McFarlane. Released T Joe Barbee, HB Luther Carr, T Don Churchwell, and QB Paul Larson.

September 20 – Officially added LB Riley Morris to roster. Signed free agent DE Bill Striegel. Released DE Glenn Holtzman and LB Billy Ray Locklin.

September 22 – Signed free agent HB Bob Keyes. Released DB LC Joyner.

September 28 – Signed free agent G John Dittrich. Released T Bill Striegel.

October 22 – Signed free agent HB Billy Reynolds. Placed HB Bob Keyes on waivers.

November 14 – Released E Al Hoisington.

December 6 – Placed HB Billy Reynolds on waivers.

December 19 – Acquired G Jack Stone in exchange for surrendering signing rights to HB Abner Haynes in offseason.

January 1 – Signed 25th-round draft choice E Paul Yanke and 27th-round draft choice E Clair Appledoorn.

January 2 – Chet Soda resigned his position as president and general manager.

January 4 – Ed McGah named team president. Bud Hastings named acting general manager.

January 15 – Owners Ed McGah, Robert Osborne, and Wayne Valley bought out Don Blessing, Charles Harney, Roger Lapham, Wallace Marsh, and Chet Soda. McGah confirmed as president. Valley named vice president and Osborne named treasurer.

January 17 – Signed 13th-round draft choice E Jerry Burch, 15th-round draft choice E Bob Coolbaugh, and free agent HB Oneal Cuttery.

January 23 – Ed Cody resigned his position as defensive backfield coach.

January 24 – Signed 21st-round draft choice QB Mike Jones, 23rd-round draft choice G Roger Fisher, and free agent G Arnold Metcalf.

January 27 – Signed 2nd-round draft choice HB George Fleming.

February 1 – Ernie Jorge resigned his position as offensive line coach.

February 15 – Bud Hastings named general manager. Bob Maddock hired as offensive line coach.

February 21 – Signed free agents HB Clive Bullian, C Harrison Rece, and T Bob Voight.

February 28 – Signed free agents HB Grover Garvin, E John Hardy, and T Ray Schaack.

March 15 – Hired Al Salisbury as ticket agent.

March 16 – Signed free agents DB Bo Bankston, T John Freim, TE Charley Moore, and E Fred Tunnicliffe.

April 4 – Traded FB Billy Lott and QB Babe Parilli to Boston Patriots in exchange for HB Dick Christy, FB Alan Miller, and DT Hal Smith.

April 7 – Signed free agents DB Bob Cabanyog, RB Ted Cano, G Tom Cousineau, DB Herm Urenda, and DL Dave Williams.

April 9 – Hired George Dickson as offensive backfield coach.

May 29 – Signed free agents E Earl Randolph and T/LB Julius Varnado.

June 14 – Signed free agents LB Dick Carlsen and G Jim Green.

July 9 – G Don Manoukian voluntarily retired.

July 14 – Acquired LB Al Bansavage from San Diego Chargers in exchange for undisclosed pick in 1962 draft.

July 21 – Signed free agents QB Nick Papac and HB Ed Whittle. T Ray Schaack announced he would not report to training camp.

July 22 – Waived DT Don Deskins and T Dalton Truax. E Fred Tunnicliffe and DT Ron Warzeka announced they would not report to training camp.

July 26 – Waived RB Bo Bankston, DB Clive Bullian, LB Dick Carlsen, DB Grover Garvin, DB Ed Whittle. DT Ramon Armstrong announced his retirement.

July 27 – Waived HB Ted Cano, C Roger Fisher, E Charley Moore.