January 1 – Signed 25th-round draft choice E Paul Yanke and 27th-round draft choice E Clair Appledoorn.

January 2 – Chet Soda resigned his position as president and general manager.

January 4 – Ed McGah named team president. Bud Hastings named acting general manager.

January 15 – Owners Ed McGah, Robert Osborne, and Wayne Valley bought out Don Blessing, Charles Harney, Roger Lapham, Wallace Marsh, and Chet Soda. McGah confirmed as president. Valley named vice president and Osborne named treasurer.

January 17 – Signed 13th-round draft choice E Jerry Burch, 15th-round draft choice E Bob Coolbaugh, and free agent HB Oneal Cuttery.

January 23 – Ed Cody resigned his position as defensive backfield coach.

January 24 – Signed 21st-round draft choice QB Mike Jones, 23rd-round draft choice G Roger Fisher, and free agent G Arnold Metcalf.

January 27 – Signed 2nd-round draft choice HB George Fleming.

February 1 – Ernie Jorge resigned his position as offensive line coach.

February 15 – Bud Hastings named general manager. Bob Maddock hired as offensive line coach.

February 21 – Signed free agents HB Clive Bullian, C Harrison Rece, and T Bob Voight.

February 28 – Signed free agents HB Grover Garvin, E John Hardy, and T Ray Schaack.

March 15 – Hired Al Salisbury as ticket agent.

March 16 – Signed free agents DB Bo Bankston, T John Freim, TE Charley Moore, and E Fred Tunnicliffe.

April 4 – Traded FB Billy Lott and QB Babe Parilli to Boston Patriots in exchange for HB Dick Christy, FB Alan Miller, and DT Hal Smith.

April 7 – Signed free agents DB Bob Cabanyog, RB Ted Cano, G Tom Cousineau, DB Herm Urenda, and DL Dave Williams.

April 9 – Hired George Dickson as offensive backfield coach.

May 29 – Signed free agents E Earl Randolph and T/LB Julius Varnado.

June 14 – Signed free agents LB Dick Carlsen and G Jim Green.

July 9 – G Don Manoukian voluntarily retired.

July 14 – Acquired LB Al Bansavage from San Diego Chargers in exchange for undisclosed pick in 1962 draft.

July 21 – Signed free agents QB Nick Papac and HB Ed Whittle. T Ray Schaack announced he would not report to training camp.

July 22 – Waived DT Don Deskins and T Dalton Truax. E Fred Tunnicliffe and DT Ron Warzeka announced they would not report to training camp.

July 26 – Waived RB Bo Bankston, DB Clive Bullian, LB Dick Carlsen, DB Grover Garvin, DB Ed Whittle. DT Ramon Armstrong announced his retirement.

July 27 – Waived HB Ted Cano, C Roger Fisher, E Charley Moore.