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Photo: Tampa Tribune, December 30, 1959

Dan Edgington

Daniel Thomas Edgington
Born April 10, 1937, Miami(?)

University of Florida
6’2”, 190 lbs

Dan Edgington grew up in the Miami area and attended Edison High where he played both basketball and football. Described as a “rough house left end” in football, he made first-team All-Florida in 1954, his senior season.

He went on to play for the University of Florida, again as an end, but dropped out some time during his sophomore season. He returned to the school the following year, 1957, and became a starter late in the campaign. He hit his college peak the following season, earning a team captaincy and getting an All-America honorable mention bid. He was drafted by the Packers that year as a redshirt in the 16th round. Following his senior season, the AFL’s Minneapolis/St Paul franchise drafted him as well.

Edgington became a free agent when the Minnesota team dropped out of the league and was picked up by the Patriots, but he was then reassigned to the new Oakland franchise in March 1960. He was listed as a starter on the Raiders depth chart early on in training camp, but as the season approached, he was overtaken by other players and was waived during the last round of cuts in early September.

He hung on in football for a while, surfacing with the semi-pro Ft Lauderdale Tigers of the Florida Football Conference in 1962, but by 1964, he was out of the sport and working for Texaco Oil, recruiting service station franchisees. From there, he seems to have gotten into real estate but otherwise largely disappeared from public view.


January 21, 1959 - Selected as a redshirt pick by the Packers in the 16th round of the 1959 NFL draft.

December 2, 1959 - Selected by Minnapolis/St Paul in the 1960 AFL draft.

January 4, 1960 - Signed by Boston sometime between this date and January 30.

January 30, 1960 - AFL awarded his league signing rights to Oakland, potentially nullifying his Boston contract.

March 3, 1960 - AFL transferred his contract from Boston to Oakland.

September 6, 1960 - Released.

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