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January 22, 1960


• A third investment group, headed by construction magnates Chet Soda and Charles Harney and Oakland city council member Robert Osborne, announced their interest in pursuing an AFL team

In Print

“AFL Grid Progress Stalled”, Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune

  • Subhead: “Two Groups Can’t Reach Agreement”
  • Subhead: “Leahy Hopes to Join AFL Club Backers”
  • Tags: Frank Leahy, Los Angeles Chargers, Ted Harrer, Bill Jackson, Ed Goldie, Clifford Rishell, stadium, Frank Youell

“Oakland Posts Cash for AFL’s Last Berth”, AP, Atlanta Constitution

  • Tags: Ed Jackson (quote), Ernie Nevers, Ed Goldie, Ted Harrer, Clifford Rishell

“Oakland’s Stadium Drive On”, Bob Brachman, San Francisco Examiner

  • Subhead: “Oakland Sets Football Park Drive Rolling”
  • Tags: stadium, Clifford Rishell, Frank Youell, Corwin Mocine, Bill Jackson, Ed Goldie, Brick Laws, George Jacopetti, Ted Harrer

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