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January 4, 1960


• The Minneapolis/St Paul franchise pulled out of the AFL, paving the way for a new city. Oakland, Atlanta, and Miami were said to be the primary cities in the running.

In Print

Oakland Tribune

“AFL Pullout Puts Twin Cities Open to Rival Pro Loop”, AP

Story discussed the mutual agreement between the AFL and the Minneapolis/St Paul entry to part ways. This left the AFL scrambling to find a new eighth franchise that would complete their league.

Buffalo Evening News

“Second California Club Likely to Replace Twin Cities in AFL”, Charley Young

Young reported that a “highly placed league official” said the league already had a “tentative deal” in place for a Bay Area AFL team to play at Candlestick Park. He said the team would likely represent Oakland. Barron Hilton was already identified as a strong booster of the plan. Young said Miami, Atlanta, and Jacksonville were also in the running, but that Jacksonville and Oakland had the strongest chances. He expected the decision to be made in a week or so.

Atlanta Constitution

“Atlanta Emerges in AFL Picture”, Al Thomy

Story said that Jim Clay, a representative of an Atlanta group, Major Sports, Inc., had met with AFL founder Lamar Hunt several times recently and was lobbying for his city to join the league. Clay said Hunt was “non-committal” about their chances.

Miami Herald

“Lamar Hunt Returns Miami to AFL Franchise Wars”, Ray Crawford

Crawford reported that Hunt was a supporter of adding Miami to the league and had made an overture to the city back in September, but that city officials rejected it, worrying that it would compete with attendance at University of Miami games. Hunt planned to try again.

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