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November 2, 1961


• Co-owner Robert Osborne, still in the hospital recovering from a pair of heart attacks, said he was “flabbergasted” by his fellow owners Ed McGah and Wayne Valley when they said the team couldn’t continue to operate in San Francisco at current attendance rates and without an Oakland stadium

• Osborne said his holdings in the team were larger than those of the other two and that he was willing to stay in San Francisco while waiting for an Oakland stadium to be ready in 1963

• Following Osborne’s statement, McGah met with him and when Osborne admitted he couldn’t go it alone, agreed that McGah’s and Valley’s statements were essentially correct

• Later that day, team representatives met “informally” with Oakland city leaders and said that the team had to have a plan in place by November 23 for the team to be able to play in Oakland in 1962 or the owners would have to look for buyers

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