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July 27, 1961


• The coaching staff ran the team through a surprise scrimmage, their first of camp

• Head coach Eddie Erdelatz termed it “not too bad a scrimmage for the first time”

• The coaches promoted John Harris to first-string cornerback

• The Tribune reported that up to 18 players were liable to be called up for military service, including five potential starters: tight end Doug Asad, guard Wayne Hawkins, linebacker Tom Louderback, fullback Alan Miller, and tight end Gene Prebola


• The team waived center Roger Fisher, halfback Ted Cano, and receiver Charles Moore

Injury Updates

• Scotty Stirling of the Tribune reported that halfback Tony Teresa had spent a week and a half in the hospital back in June for back pain

• When asked, Teresa said his back was fine in practice, but acted up at night

• Guard Jim Green broke his nose in practice, but the equipment staff put a different facemask on his helmet, and he wasn’t expected to miss any time

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