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November 3, 1960


• Bob Brachman of the Examiner continued to insist that head coach Eddie Erdelatz was going to coach the New York Giants next year

• By way of argument, he quoted Erdelatz as saying that next year “was a long time off” and that “I don't know where I'll be or what I'm doing”

• The primary source for the story seemed to be Titans owner Harry Wismer who claimed to have investigated and was “convinced” of the story's veracity

• Wismer had also claimed Erdelatz had not been on the field for the start of the game against the Titans on the 28th, a claim that had been refuted by multiple reporters who were on the scene at the time

• General manager Chet Soda said he had asked Erdelatz straight out about it when he heard the story and that Erdelatz had said there was nothing to it

• Soda also said Erdelatz told him he had received an offer from an unidentified eastern college but had turned it down

• Soda also said that the game against the Broncos scheduled for December 16, a Friday night, at Kezar Stadium, would be played on Saturday at one of the following sites: Candlestick Park, Berkeley's Memorial Stadium, Stanford Stadium, or San Jose State's Spartan Stadium

• He added that there was still a “slim”chance that the team would play in Kezar in 1961

• Finally, he said that Frederick Sullivan had “jumped the gun” in announcing a deal to buy half of Soda's share of the team and reiterated that nothing had been finalized yet

• Bruce Lee of the Chronicle reported that the team's assistant coaches all said they were working on “verbal contracts” and would stay loyal to Erdelatz as long as he stayed with the team

• Lee also reported that Tommy Kalmanir had received another coaching offer, from an unidentified party, but had turned it down

• Team partner Don Blessing denied earlier reports that his share of the team was spread among as many as a dozen members of a syndicate and that he only had one partner in his group

• In an apparent response to Soda's statement yesterday that the team would have to consider relocation if they didn't get a stadium, fellow owner Robert Osborne “promised” that the team would stay in Oakland and, according to Dick Friendlich of the Chronicle called some of his fellow owners “crybabies who don't like losing money that they had known and anticipated they were going to lose”

• Osborne also affirmed that he put no stock in rumors that Erdelatz was planning to jump to the Giants

• The head of Tudor Engineering, a company tasked with assessing the potential costs of building a multi-purpose stadium in Oakland said that, depending on the site chosen, the bill would run between $17 and $21 million

AFL Standings

Eastern Division
Houston 5 2 0
New York 4 4 0
Buffalo 3 4 0
Boston 2 5 0
Western Division
Denver 4 3 0
Los Angeles 4 3 0
Oakland 4 4 0
Dallas 3 4 0

Coaching Staff

Eddie ErdelatzHead coach
Ed CodyDefensive backfield
Marty FeldmanDefensive line
Ernie JorgeOffensive line
Tommy KalmanirOffensive backfield


Name Pos Ht Wt School Birthdate
Ramon Armstrong G 6'1“ 225 Texas Christian 10/6/1937
Doug Asad TE 6'3” 200 Northwestern 8/27/1938
Larry Barnes LB 6'2“ 230 Colorado State 10/6/1931
Alex Bravo DB 6'1” 190 Cal Poly-SLO 7/27/1930
Joe Cannavino CB 5'11“ 185 Ohio State 1/20/1935
Carmen Cavalli DE 6'4” 245 Richmond 6/11/1937
Wayne Crow DB 6'0“ 205 California 5/5/1938
Don Deskins DT 6'2” 240 Michigan 5/10/1932
John Dittrich G 6'1“ 240 Wisconsin 5/7/1933
Bob Dougherty LB 6'1” 235 Kentucky 4/20/1932
George Fields DE 6'3“ 245 Bakersfield College 1935(?)
Tom Flores QB 6'1” 190 Pacific 3/21/1937
Alan Goldstein WR 6'0“ 200 North Carolina 1/8/1936
Charlie Hardy WR 6'0” 180 San Jose State 11/7/1933
John Harris DB 6'1“ 195 Santa Monica CC 5/7/1933
Wayne Hawkins G 5'11” 235 Pacific 6/17/1938
Al Hoisington WR 6'3“ 200 Pasadena JC 11/18/1933
Jack Larscheid HB 5'6” 160 Pacific 5/10/1933
Billy Lott FB 6'0“ 200 Mississippi 11/8/1934
Tom Louderback LB 6'2” 235 San Jose State 3/5/1933
Eddie Macon DB 6'0“ 180 Pacific 3/7/1927
Don Manoukian G 5'9” 240 Stanford 6/9/1934
Nyle McFarlane HB 6'2“ 205 Brigham Young 11/25/1935
Riley Morris LB 6'2” 220 Florida A&M 3/22/1934
Paul Oglesby T 6'4“ 235 UCLA 1/9/1939
Jim Otto C 6'2” 225 Miami (FL) 1/5/1938
Babe Parilli QB 6'1“ 195 Kentucky 5/7/1930
Charley Powell DE 6'2” 225 San Diego HS 4/4/1932
Gene Prebola TE 6'3“ 215 Boston University 6/30/1938
Billy Reynolds HB 5'11” 200 Pittsburgh 7/20/1931
Ron Sabal T 6'3“ 200 Purdue 7/23/1936
Jetstream Smith FB 6'1” 220 Compton JC 10/18/1936
Tony Teresa HB 5'10“ 185 San Jose State 12/8/1933
Dalton Truax T 6'2” 235 Tulane 1/7/1935
Ron Warzeka DT 6'4“ 260 Montana State 12/24/1935

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